Tattoos by Douglas Lamb Tattoos by Douglas Lamb

65 Roses Project

The 65 Roses Project started in September of 2013 after a client told me about his family's experience with Cystic Fibrosis, and the meaning behind  'sixty five roses'.   My original plan was to paint tattoo flash or roses and sell them for $65 each, with the money raised going to the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation's local Portland branch.   

  Since then it has evolved to include dozens of incredibly talented artists from within the tattoo community donating artwork for sale as well.  In the first few years we raised around $3,000.  

In May of 2016 we got together with a few tattooer friends and did our second tattoo fundraiser and we were blown away at the response.  We had five tattooers working for about 14-15 hours, we did over 50 tattoos and raised $4,700!    

There's been a few media articles about the project, I've linked the ones I can find online.  If you are interested in purchasing a painting or contributing please send an email using the form below.